Some packages are thought up by nature......the others we take care of!
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Target Groups

With a wide range of products Comcoplast offers solutions for the most diverse application in the packaging field.

Our products are destinated to the needs of following target groups :

  • Food retail sector
  • Chain stores
  • Meat, backary, fruit & vegetables fields
  • Hygiene companies, hospitals & nursing facilities
  • Freight carries & industry
Food retail sectorChain storesMeat industry
Carrier bagsCarrier bagsPlastic pre-cut sheets
Bags and sacksService itemsTrays
Films & foilsRetail trade goodsStretch film
Pre-cut sheetsBags and sacksCling film
Retail trade goodsRefuse bags & sacksPlastic bags and sacks
Service items
Building cleaners, hygiene companiesFood service industryFreight carriers & industry
Refuse bags & sacksDisposable tablewareStretch wrap
Disposable & reusable glovesDisposable clothingShrink wrap
Microfibre cloths & mopsAluminium foil & cling filmPlastic bags and sacks
Tissue paper & kitchen rollsPlastic bags and sacksRefuse bags & sacks
Convenience traysTissue paper & kitchen rolls
Tissue paper & kitchen rolls